Roberta Alessandri Models

"My daughter Christy did a beginners course with Roberta in Musgrave earlier this year, I could not believe the confidence she gained, like a butterfly emerging from her cocoon, she’s enjoying the odd shows at SPCA and looking forward to doing next level course next year-highly recommended. From no one saying a word on first lesson to getting together now….wow, super group."
Susan Cotterill (Mom)

"Before Kelsie started classes she was timid, quiet and an onlooker. After only a few weeks into the course, I am so proud of the lady she has become. She stands up with sheer confidence, walks in front of a whole class and holds her head up high.
She is a blossoming flower."
Jeanine Elliot (Mom)

:Desireè started modelling with Roberta when she was about 14 years old. She was teased at school because of her height, and Roberta made her feel confident about it. It started as a confidence-building class, and now it has grown into a passion. Thank you, Roberta, for showing Desireè to accept herself and how to turn your hurt into something beautiful. She went from shy and withdrawn to confident and unafraid to be herself."
Olive Surendorff (Mom)

"I saw that Selene had enthusiasm and excitement to join this course, but the confidence that Roberta instilled in her is remarkable. The values that are taught during this course are amazing."
Kuvanshnie Vengadesan (Mom)

I did a course when I was 5 years old with Roberta Alessandri Models. I have done shows at The Pavilion Shopping Centre - East Meets West Bridal Fair, Kloof & Highway SPCA, Cornubia Mall and have just been in the Durban Fashion Fair modelling for Enhle Babes Couture. This has been a dream come true.
Amy George. (Model)

"I am so inspired and more confident ever since I started the course. Sisterhood and friendship. Last week’s lesson on learning to fix each other’s crown and reaching out to the needy in the community was empowering."
Nqobile Radebe (Pupil)
"Roberta has made me the girl I am today. I did my first modelling course with Roberta when I was 8 years old and ever since then my confidence has just grown. Recently I have come to realize all of Roberta’s titles and how amazing she is and was with her pageants and I now feel like with the training with Roberta I too can earn some titles I the Pageant world. Thank you for everything you have done for me Roberta."
Emily de Klerk (Model)
"Nwadibisa’s confidence has improved. She is now debating captain at school. She won many titles last year at school for public speaking. This came after being exposed to the course at Roberta Alessandri Models."
Mandisa Mbatani (Mom)
"I've been modelling since I was 5. Since joining Roberta Alessandri Models, I have had countless opportunities to model to fund raise for the SPCA, and model in shows at the Westville Pavilion, like the East meets West Bridal shows and the Diwali shows. I absolutely love meeting the designers and getting to wear their clothes. My confidence grows with each new show to help me reach my dream - to model the catwalks of Milan. Roberta Alessandri Models are like my big sisters. We enjoy each other's successes and I love to see my friends on posters or in magazines. We have so much fun together, no matter our age."
Kieran Nash (Model)
"Essen has become a little lady overnight with confidence and a new found love for herself just after a few classes. She gets to show off her style of fashion and her love for makeup which is not often recognised or liked. I am such a proud mom and so pleased to have enrolled her in your class!"
Genevieve Pulvenis (Mom)
"Britney has been doing the modelling course with Roberta for just over a month now. We have seen how she has grown with her self-confidence, has greater posture and looks to walk with purpose. I would recommend this course to any parent who wants their daughter to learn valuable life skills."
Larissa Stevens (Mom)