Roberta Alessandri Models


I love teaching girls how to have a higher self-esteem and self-worth. My classes are informative and fun and they empower the girls to go into the world feeling better about who they are and if they can love themselves then it is easier for them to love and support others. This course is not just for girls who want to become a model but for every girl who wants to learn self-esteem, confidence and have a better posture. Girls make friends on this course and they learn to support each other.

This is an investment that will last your daughter a lifetime. I have women who did a course with me when they were children or teenagers coming up to me and telling me how the course had such an impact on them and improved their self-confidence. Girls who do my course will finish with a higher self-confidence, a better posture, they will have made friends and I hope that they remember to always be good, kind and grateful.

Topics that the girls learn on the course:
• Self-esteem, self-confidence, self-worth.
• To be positive about who they are and to be positive about the way that they look.
• They are encouraged to be grateful and to give. Roberta Alessandri Models supports the Kloof & Highway SPCA and girls are made aware of the importance of helping others in need.
• Personality projection
• How important it is to have a good posture as a good posture shows confidence.
• Ramp modelling. Learn all the turns, body movement and posing. Through ramp modelling posture is corrected and self-esteem built whilst having fun.
• Photographic modelling. How to pose for the camera
• Make up and skin care
• Public speaking and pageant tips. How to speak into a microphone and answer questions on stage.
• Each girl receives photos of her journey on the course and photos of her graduation.
Roberta Alessandri Models not just models but Role models