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To join as an Adult Model, females should be 1,68m and taller and males 1,78m and taller. All female Models, Teens and kids from 10 years old will also need to do a course or workshop after joining.
These Models will be put forward for Photographic, Ramp, Fashion Shows, Pageants, TV, Film and Commercial Castings. 

or WhatsApp 062 767 4992 to book for the next Course or Workshop. Once this has been completed you will automatically join the agency.
We are also looking for
Character Models
of all ages. These will be put forward for TV, Film and Commercial Castings only.

To complete your application please EFT the admin fee of R150 to:
Roberta Alessandri Events
FNB Cheque acc 62458661678
Branch 221126
Send proof of payment with Models Name & Surname to

Read the TERMS & CONDITIONS first, complete the form below to join and see payment details (above right).

We look forward to working with you.
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Should you require a photoshoot, please contact and we will arrange to get you onto our next model photoshoot (PHOTOSHOOT on location - Females R600 - includes 2 looks, make-up | Males R500 - includes 2 looks) or (PHOTOSHOOT in studio - R300 - one look, do own makeup)

By clicking the join button, you agree to sign up with Roberta Alessandri Models and adhere to all the terms and conditions of the Agency (see link at the top of the form). You promise to abide by all the rules and etiquette of the agency at all times.

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